Bash shell builtin vs real command

Every now and then I’m hitting the problem of running a shell built-in when I want to run a real command. Built-in masks the command, of course. Problem* is, one of them has options I want to use, the other does not (or has different ones). Also, typing `man someBuiltInHere` gives you nothing, so you […]

No man page for X

An Internet ‘wisdom’ or your own memory tells you this command had that switch. But strangely, it doesn’t work. man this-command doesn’t work either – more precisely it yields no results. Heck, even man -k this-command yields nothing of interest. What now? Your REAL problem is – quite likely – that you’re running a shell […]

Dobra polska firma

W ramach polskiego JUGa robię ostatnio cykl promujący ciekawe polskie firmy – ciekawe głównie produktowo / technicznie. Innymi słowy, firma powinna mieć własny produkt informatyczny, być w 100% polska (lub chociaż w większości udziałowców mieć polskich, preferencja jest, by była przez Polaków – a jeszcze lepiej w Polsce – założona). Kilka takich znalazłem / znałem […]

Cut out reporting out of monolith – design REPL

I wrote about design REPL previously. Here I’m showing an example how it works, on a real (and rather large) project I did. This post shows, that: I have been using design REPL even before I coined the term there’s LOTS of work prior to writing first line of code or even choosing the technology, […]

Design REPL

Too often when programmers are faced with a problem they immediately turn to code. Programming is NOT writing code, it’s formulating theories to solve problems. Solving problems requires thinking (up a theory) and analysing (your problem) PRIOR to actually implementing the solution. In this post I’ll explain simple steps programmers of many backgrounds often forget, […]

Come to JDD 2015!

“Come to JDD 2015!” – is the idea behind short movies each JUG leader involved in JDD was asked to make. So, here is mine: Come to JDD – in Polish – with GREAT music and nice clips and #1 reason to go there – Tomek’s Pantha Rhei preso My recommendation is Tomek’s Pantha Rhei […]

Newer Scala on Ubuntu 14.04

Few months ago I wanted to do introductory Scala workshop at my Lambda Lounge group. So, I went through installing Scala on my Ubuntu laptop, and guess what? Ubuntu’s package distro is QUITE behind here. On my 14.04 I get Scala 2.9.2. Google search tells me Scala 2.9.2 was news on 13.04.2012. Two years prior […]