Code Retreat

One work day (8 hours) of pair-programming in 45 minute sessions with lunch and retrospective and short breaks between session.

Problem never changes, rules for session do though (more on that later).

Gotchas include:

  1. it’s never about the problem
  2. you change your pair every session
  3. ideally, you also get to change IDE, language used etc.
  4. each session has different rules
  5. you delete your code between sessions, you do NOT reuse it, but rather write anew


The last one usually raises the most objections but it’s truly cool rule and you want to stick to it.

We, at SCKRK ran first Code Retreat in Poland (AFAIK) and we had help from Maria Diaconu Alexandru Bolboaca and Corey Haines who served as facilitators and introduced number of good concepts.


Since then, we learned a lot but on each Code Retreat we had there was someone who fell in love with programming again. 🙂

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