No man page for X

An Internet ‘wisdom’ or your own memory tells you this command had that switch. But strangely, it doesn’t work.

man this-command

doesn’t work either – more precisely it yields no results. Heck, even

man -k this-command

yields nothing of interest. What now?

Your REAL problem is – quite likely – that you’re running a shell built-in or an alias, not a command (thus no man). Click the link above if that’s the case.

Your other problem may be the fact, shell built-ins are NOT something that deserves their own man page. They are part of the shell. So, you either whip up your shell man page and start reading (or grepping for your particular case) or…

you use `help`.

tammo@T420s:~$ help alias
alias: alias [-p] [name[=value] ... ]
Define or display aliases.

Without arguments, `alias’ prints the list of aliases in the reusable
form `alias NAME=VALUE’ on standard output.

Otherwise, an alias is defined for each NAME whose VALUE is given.
A trailing space in VALUE causes the next word to be checked for
alias substitution when the alias is expanded.

-p Print all defined aliases in a reusable format

Exit Status:
alias returns true unless a NAME is supplied for which no alias has been



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