Reasons why I believe GeeCON µservices will be good

I’ve recently read Heinz Kabutz’ post and though that a very similar reasoning can be applied to GeeCON microservices and architecture. Hence, this post. 🙂 Oh, I’m obviously biased being part of GC team, even though I’m not part of the force behind Sopot’s edition.

Trendy topic

Both µservices and architecture are on the rise. Especially the former. Hype is abundant. While I am as hesitant about hyped buzzwords as the next bloke, I also see some truth in statements of several conference speakers: we are quite like the fashion industry (don’t look at front-end now guys, it’s more than just front-end).

So, this means chance is high your next project, or the one after, will be done in µservices, or perhaps even now in your team someone already thinks how to smuggle a really small, ultra-tiny µservice in (that bastard!). So come and learn, you’ll need it.

Not all is roses

While quite an obvious statement, hype often causes one to glorify the topic to no end. Well, at least one of accepted speakers from the get-go kept saying he’ll rant AGAINST µservices.

Still, I don’t think that will be the sole opportunity to hear about problems in newest trend. Take a look at the opening keynote:

It's not just MicroServices, Area of Focus for Success

screenshot of Sopot’s edition schedule, focused on opening keynote, click to enlarge

Focusing on something else than µservices coming from Fred George himself? Well if that doesn’t mean “just µservices” won’t make you succeed, what does it mean?

Beach, summer end

I mentioned I read Heinz’ post, right? Let me quote relevant parts, where he speaks about why he believes JCrete was so good:

The secret does not lie in Crete per se. Instead, I found it last night when I was reading Natural Born Heroes: How a Daring Band of Misfits Mastered the Lost Secrets of Strength and Endurance Hardcover – by Christopher McDougall. In Chapter 28, it talks about the value of being exposed to nature in stimulating our minds. It was even shown in a scientific paper that “Simple and brief interactions with nature can produce marked increases in cognitive control.” At JCrete, we do that all the time.

Usually, conferences are held in soulless buildings in ugly areas of the city where land is cheap. At our conference, we wake up every morning to an unbelievable view of the sea right in front of our conference center. Some of the best discussions we had were held down at the beach underneath some shady trees. There’s something about nature to activate our brains. Here’s a relevant tweet by our fellow disorganizer Giorgos Saslis.

While we certainly can’t promise that Sopot and Bałtyk will be equally mediterranean like Crete, let’s take a look at location:

satellite photo showing little distance between cinema where GeeCON Sopot takes place and Sopot Pier, beach and the sea

satellite photo showing little distance between cinema where GeeCON Sopot takes place and Sopot Pier, beach and the sea

Full address, if you want to see for yourself: Multikino Sopot Bohaterów Monte Cassino 63 Street Sopot. It’s really mere minutes away from the sea (enjoy swimming, it’s colder than Mediterranean Sea though, guaranteed) and the pier. Which brings us to next reason.

Sopot pier

It’s really worthwhile to go to. Yeah, tourist attraction and all, but come on, which nice and famous place ain’t? Go to Paris, or NY, or Prague and see how their trademarks are crowded, Sopot’s pier is no different.

  1. Longest wooden pier in Europe (over half a kilometer).
  2. City trademark
  3. Really close to Multikino where the conference takes place
  4. Built in XIXth century, year 1827 to be precise.

It will be crowded, but there’s high chance you’ll enjoy it nevertheless. Take a look yourself.

Great speaker’s lineup

Fred George, Bruno Bossola, Jarek Pałka, Erik Dörnenburg, Szimano, – I’m not into µservices but I know them. Let’s take Erik and Fred – frequent keynote speakers – aside. Still, that leaves good names, foreign and Polish alike.

With all that – just make your own mind about speakers and schedule. Here:


Great lineup, speakers who are in the know, to whom you may come and ask all those sceptical questions about a topic with much hype on the net, speakers who don’t just hype but also see and talk about flaws, great location, sea, summer, beach nearby and Sopot pier.

Your thoughts? What more would you want to have? 🙂 And if you decided to go: (August 11 and onwards ticket prices will go up!).


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