Why bother with FP?

This is a short info page for my research project. I’ll try to provide backed by data (or at least reason) answer to eponymous question.

Why such project?

One of the first meetings of Lambda Lounge Kraków, back in early 2013, was dedicated to defining FP (Functional Programming) and finding the answers to following questions:

  • what makes a language “functional” one?
  • are functional languages out there in the real world and can one work (and earn well) in/with them?
  • is FP worthwhile just as pasture or as real career option?

The meeting was interesting and provided lots of information, but I felt the lack of data was really a problem, especially for last two questions.

Then, as a Lambda Lounge organizer I had my share of discourses about FP and it’s merits (not to mention those, where I was but a witness, because I ran away quickly enough NOT to be dragged in, or just closed the browser tab with disgust). Those discourses usually ran along very similar lines, and yet again I found myself with feeling that they lack data for claims they make (be it to disprove FP has merits or otherwise)

Finally, the now-trendy bashing OOP while in fact one is bashing procedural programming, irks me enough.

For all those reasons, I started researching FP merits for real and this led to me presenting some findings at LambdaDays conference, I heard that John Hughes himself said my abstract was promising and intriguing! Yay me! I sincerely hope my talk lived to it’s promise. However, this is by no means the end to my research and I found out quickly it extends far more than single blog post so… I’ll be sharing the work as I go, on GitHub, and will continue present next iterations during SFI and LambdaCon.


LambdaDays, why bother with FP version 1 slides:


GitHub repository with research: https://github.com/LIttleAncientForestKami/why-bother-with-FP


Licence details:
Licencja Creative Commons
Why bother with FP by Tomasz Borek is licensed under a Creative Commons Uznanie autorstwa-Na tych samych warunkach 4.0 Międzynarodowe License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at mailto:Tomasz.Borek@gmail.com.


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