We are crowd, we are anonymous

Brilliant, smooth and you can feel the passion. And most of all: true. I love the passages, like “we are creators, we turn null terminated arrays of characters into electrical impulses, which create motion in resistors, capacitor and transistors, this motion of electrons changes people lives, wakes up good and bad emotions, helps people meet, get married and divorce, buy new shit, sell old shit, travel, get lost and be found.” or “Surrounded by deadlines, messy code, procedures, processes and approvals, “agile”, “lean”, “risk assessment”, “business value”, end year reviews, improvement programs.” Really, reading this is greatly refreshing.


This post is full of emotions, strong words, my own opinions. It is far from being politically correct in any dimension. If you know me, you know what I mean. You read this post on your own responsibility.
I struggled since Friday two weeks ago to actually get it in shape and post it. I have compressed a year long of frustrations and anger.

Friday, finally. When I was leaving office I was filled with anger, disappointment and this weird feeling of lost hope and faith in humanity. I am coder, by heart, and by accident I work with people.

On the way back home I was thinking about this post as a way for me to deal with all my frustration, being mainly driven by my interactions with other people. As I was passing tram stops I finally realized that there is something different which is a…

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