Let me discuss Java with master X

Quite some time ago I’ve watched a chinese series named Sword Stained with Royal Blood.

To make story short, it’s a wuxia series. Every now and then situation arises where the main hero would politely bow and say to whoever was in charge at the scene:

Please, let me discuss swords with master X.

And then…

… wuxia happens.

Since then, I’ve taken a liking to the phrase and now want to use it.

Please, let me discuss Java with master X.

We shall discuss Java via trivia game.


  1. you ask a Java question, I answer (challenger goes first)
  2. I answer well, you can ask similar type of question later (and more difficult at it!)
  3. I answer badly, you don’t get to ask this type of question again, unless I say it’s OK

Example discussion

So, say we play.

Challenger: what is the value of initialized int field in a class?
Master X: 0. What does invokedynamic do?
Challenger: I don’t know. How would you make sure exiting VM performs certain action?
Master X: _answers well_. What Java code is interpreted to invokespecial?
Challenger: that’s B-code again, please switch.

So, challenger now has one life point less, but master X can’t ask anymore B-code questions. He could’ve if challenger would’ve OKeyed it.

The aim is to have wuxia-like discussion, so if you see you have a sure-fire way to maim your opponent… don’t use it, but switch to something that’s less of a forte for you.

Winning and losing

Winner is the one who doesn’t yield… or the one who hasn’t lost all his/hers life points. We start at 20.

What does winner gain, beside fame? A piece of wizardry of course. That is, loser makes some small software for the winner. Java preferred. ­čśë


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