Why LambdaCon is awesome

There are many reasons, but I’ll narrow it down to two, for brevity.

Perfection Game

When I offered my talks, I got invited to Perfection Game. It’s a game where you strive for perfection, by virtue of feedback. If you don’t have anything to say about proposed item, you rate it a perfect 10. If you do, you rate it as you feel from 1 – 10 and write only comments that can serve to improve it. So:

    1. this talk is too complicated, nobody will come

should become

  1. please simplify this talk, so more people would attend

This is the first time (and I’ve been speaking in a number of places!) I’ve been offered to influence this far the conference program, without being “an insider”: an organizer, program committee member, domain expert etc.

And gosh, my own talk benefited from that immensely. After all, folks who told me what to make better had experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to share. THANK YOU ALL!

Not to mention how much I’ve learned about things other people do!

FUN in functional

Guys from @LambdaCon really write FUNctional like I just did, each time. But it ain’t for show. Let me quote you something:

Dear speakers,

the magic of Christmas is in the air and New Year is just around the corner: it’s the perfect time to take a break and cherish the warmth of the season.

Santa Claus left us a present for you: a free ticket for LambdaCon (can be used even if your session won’t be selected).
Michele Finelli, Riccardo Terrell and Luca Grulla already bought a ticket, but will be refunded.

We will be back to LambdaCon organization in early January.

Have FUN holidays!
The LambdaCon team

How cool is that? And I’m not saying each conference should do that, but there’s consistency in Coders TUG actions:

  1. perfection game, each speaker candidate participates, helps to make all talks he cares about better
  2. all candidates are part of community
  3. all are invited to come

How cool is that and how great to be part of it?

And Lambda Lounge Kraków (@LambdaKRK) is partnered with them.


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