A hell of a week – 2 talks, 1 kata, 4 events!

What a hell of a week!


I’m organizing Lambda Lounge meeting with Grzesiek Ro偶niecki talking about Weird World of Continuations: Perl, Lisp, CPS programming. 馃檪

Weird world of continuations

Tuesday, Jan 13, 2015, 6:00 PM

Lumesse Sp. z.o.o.
Lubicz 23A Krak贸w, PL

30 位 Went

About the topic:Meet CPS (continuation-passing style) reality where return is pass茅, goto is disguised in elegant, functional manner and stack overflow is defeated by tail call optimization. See how CPS works (or not) in Perl, JavaScript, some Lisp dialect and maybe few other languages. Discover what impact have the idea from 1970s had on modern p…

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During Devoxx UK I learned in Warsaw there’s a Zing person! During Confitura 2014 I met that person. And only this Wednesday we can finally enjoy Daniel Witkowski’s talking. 馃檪 So, do yourself a favour and come and listen about JVM&App Bottlenecks.

JVM and Application Bottlenecks: Troubleshooting with Simple Tools

Wednesday, Jan 14, 2015, 7:00 PM

Allegro Krak贸w
艢w. Tomasza 34 Krak贸w, PL

98 Members Went

For English – scroll down.Daniel Witkowski – pracuj膮cy w Azul Systems na Zing JVM, najwydajniejszym JVMie z wszystkich – z sympati膮 zgodzi艂 si臋 podzieli膰 swymi do艣wiadczeniami.Pod koniec spotkania rozlosujemy nagrody! :-)—-BIODaniel Witkowski pracuje dla Azul Systems ponad 6 lat. Pracowa艂 z urz膮dzeniami Azul Vega, maj膮cymi dostosowane arc…

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Together with Jacek Jagie艂a, we’ll be giving our “It’s not always application’s fault” presentation in mere 30 minutes, so abridged, during TechCamp #24.


Event agenda


To finish the week with style, we go to ChamberConf, a really posh event where entire castle is rented as a conference venue. Way to go Wroc艂aw JUG!

And I’m speaking there with Jacek (not the abridged version of our talk) and I will be also doing architectural kata – brand new one!

Castle as viewed from the air
Air view of Moszna castle

Click (img too) to go to conference site: http://chamberconf.pl or

Chamberconf 2015!

Saturday, Jan 17, 2015, 9:45 AM

Zamek Moszna
ul. Zamkowa 1 Moszna, PL

80 Developers Went

Rusza rejestracja na Chamberconf 2015. Wszystkie szczeg贸艂y znajdziecie na stronie konferencji:聽http://chamberconf.pl/Uwaga: udzia艂 w konferencji jest p艂atny i koszt wynosi 300 z艂. 聽W cenie zakwaterowanie, wy偶ywienie, catering, uroczysta kolacja, brak sponsor贸w i najlepsi prelegenci w Polsce :)Kwot臋 nale偶y uregulowa膰 najp贸藕niej do 14 stycznia 2015…

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