On naming: JBoss -> Wildfly?

If – like me – you’ve ever wondered why JBoss AS as of version 8 had it’s name changed to Wildfly,
if – like me – you’ve found it strange when the news reached you,
if – again, like me – you’ve researched, found the answer and then forgot it…
then this is a post for you.

First: Why JBoss?

Well, originally it was EJBOSS, for EJB OSS. But Sun asked for name changing and similarly to how Javarsovia became Confitura because they had Java in their name, EJBOSS became JBoss, not to have EJB in theirs.

EJBOSS = Enterprise Java Beans Open Source Software.


  1. LinuxToday article from 1999, with interesting comment made in 2001, telling EJBoss website is no longer available.
  2. About EJBOSS name
  3. BNU and Marc Fleury’s dispute on JBoss and GNU, on Yahoo’s EJBOSS tech mailing group
  4. Java EE for Linux instruction that mentions name change

Now, why Wildfly?

To change the brand is a large step and one does not simply undertake such endeavour. Instead, preparations are made, polls, research etc. A common reason is legal urging, like it happened with EJBOSS.

This time, the name was changed – I hear – for clarification reasons.

RedHat folks wanted to have a name meaning ONLY application server, not also a Red Hat division, commercial and OS product, community, domain and few others. I’m waiting here for insider’s confirmation, but on the net already managed to find a few quotes fitting, see Sources, below.

Why the Wildfly? Through voting: http://jbossas.jboss.org/rename/vote.
I’d rather go with PetASos, but I can live with WildFly. 🙂 I’m thankful jBeret didn’t make it, brr.


  1. TheRegister article on name change
  2. Voting page
  3. Mark Little’s blog post on rename

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