Architecture vs design – useful distinction

Design is used also when it comes to look’n’feel, front-end and UA/UX, but IMO there’s a distinction also when you’re speaking about architecture. So, when you are talking about software design, how does it differ from software architecture?

In many ways it does NOT. However, one useful distinction I’ve been promoting since my first public talk during 4Developers 2013, about “Good architecture… how do you know?”. It’s as follows:

When you have a system, architecture of that system is the glue that holds it together and lets it perform what it’s supposed to perform. Do it’s duty, it’s job. But say, you have a module in this system, that ain’t core feature or something equally vital. Though useful, your users can do without it. Crucial pieces allowing this module to do it’s job, it’s design.

I may add more on the topic, once I read what Simon Brown says in the matter in his book. 🙂


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