Time for something new

I’ve penned my letter of resignation and am now looking for a new job. I intend to describe my adventures along the way and this is the very first step: why and what am I after. All the steps will be tagged with “time for something new”, as is this one, which kicks off the series.

Dear prospective employer (or TL;DR)

  1. My tenure ends with January’s 2015 end. Starting February I’m eligible to start working.
  2. I’d like to earn 11-14 kPLN netto (for job in Poland). I can negotiate if the job is interesting.
  3. I’d like to speak at conferences, with possible inclusion of such a clause in the contract.
  4. I’m a trainer at Symentis and would like to keep it that way, if you don’t mind.
  5. I’ll have a number of questions for you, which I’ve outlined in another blog post.

Do find below the “why”, and “what am I after” sections if you would like to know more. You should have received my CV separately.


Because I have been working there for quite some time now. Because I don’t see my work effects as much as I’d like to (too many layers between me / my work and it’s users). Because there are changes happening that I believe I know where will lead to and don’t feel like being part of. Because other changes will not happen for yet quite some time.

If there are other reasons, they are between me and my friends and between me and my employer and thus – for now – are a matter of exit interview (which I’ve given properly) or a good talk while drinking something with percentage higher than 40%.


What am I after?

Since I’ll be working someplace cool, I want cool things there. That includes:

  1. I want to see effects of my work. I want to know how well I did what I did. I want to test it, measure the results and brag or take responsibility and do it better / take care of side effects. Do you do that?
  2. Spare me the corpo-world. I’ve never been a fan and the more I hear about it lately the less I am inclined.
  3. Honesty, transparency. I’d like to work in a place where I know why we do things, or why don’t we! If we don’t want to complete a project due to having been offered money not to – I’m fine with that, but do tell us (real example, though not mine). Same with speeding up release so it will be on time for a major business conference, where we can show it off. But tell us this and if you screwed up and forgot to tell us earlier, tell us so, instead of hiding your (usual and human) error behind some sort of veil.
  4. Tech decisions belong to tech people. That goes two ways:
    1. Don’t pick my tools for me, don’t tell me I’m to use a hammer to screw things. Don’t tell me I need to use Windows, I don’t like it and won’t be productive in it. You wanna hire a programmer only to make him uncomfortable? I pick my tools, since I’m doing the work, ok?
    2. I choose the ways I implement things – unless you have a good reason and can convince me otherwise! I don’t mind having extra requirement (or ten!) to work with, but I hate hearing “use XYZ framework, cause it’s the company’s way”. You want a job well done, right? So, who’s the expert?
  5. Infrastructure and development – if I’m to work on something hosted, I want to know how we host it. Is it we or some 3rd party? Who owns this? Infrastructure and software are one – the product. I intend to make good on the product, not just on software side of it. That means! Automated build (one click build is cool!), coded infrastructure or at least willingness to go there.
  6. Please let me work with some quality. CI server, tests written along the code (or even before the code!), code review, pair-programming – do you have some of those?

Next steps?

I’d imagine:

  1. word about preparations
  2. recruitment adventure 1
  3. recruitment adventure 2 and so on
  4. highlights
  5. some epiphany along the way 😉

And as for me, I intend to announce this on twitter and see how much it brings. 🙂 I also pondered accepting every recruiter on LinkedIn and talking with them, but there’s too many for that.


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