Rising Stars leadership insights

Just wanted to give credits to quite an interesting course I’ve been registered to in my (yet current) company, Lumesse.

Course has CrossKnowledge logo on it and features number of consultants telling you a story. Consultants come from a variety of backgrounds, including Columbia BS faculty, authors and chairmen, field people, military advisers or Harvard BS faculty. It’s formula is very simple:

  • only video,
  • each video lasts between 2-3 minutes, features one speaker explaining a concept,
  • videos have captions, so if speaker’s English is tough to understand (accent), you can read the transcript – this problem I’ve had only with two videos for more than a year,
  • each video consists of:
    • introduction (lesson topic),
    • a story,
    • learning points.

Why I liked it?

First, humans are story-oriented, so using stories made content easy to remember and understand.

Second, stories were interesting, and I’m into stories with good content. Examples?

  1. How company producing packs for cans improved sales of a product by 18%.
  2. How restaurant chain closed it’s competition by targeting their shops in such a way the competitor never knew.
  3. How your reaction can totally change the reception of any event and how it’s up to you to control it.
  4. How IBM started consulting, acquiring PriceWaterhouseCoopers consultants division, and why.
  5. Many, MANY more.

I usually receive one or two videos per week, so since I’ve been hearing it for a year now and it really gave me a different perspective on business and my own organization.

Short, interesting, refreshing, backed by stories, told by people with real experience. Overall recommended.


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