Missing Link of Agile from Paweł Badeński

This April I took part in Paweł’s training, entitled “Missing link of Agile”, organized by Bottega (all references at the end of the post). This post tries to summarize my impression from it.

I believe the training to be worth both time and money.


I found Paweł to be an excellent teacher, due to his gentle demeanour, patience, sense of humour, honesty and ability to listen. So, didactically, I had little worries about the course from the get-go. Furthermore, I anticipated Paweł’s authentic interest, knowledge and passion in his new-found (from my perspective, I still remember him as a programmer) field will make the course a pleasant experience.

So, I never doubted Paweł. I doubted, however, the topic.

First of all Agile is such a beat-down word now. Everybody claimed to be Agile quite some time ago and turned out everybody claimed something slightly (or drastically) different by it. Agile was what DevOps is now becoming: trendy catch-all.

Secondly, with hind-sight I can say that I had been prejudiced toward soft-skill trainings or conference talks. Fluffy talks, as we would joke within quite a few of my circles, are a waste of time, others need them. I didn’t hold such opinion, but I did share or heard such jokes frequently enough that bias was formed.

Fortunately I knew Paweł means solid research and thus, when I won the lottery as one of Software Craftsmanship Kraków organizers, I did not think twice.

Good for me.

What was the training about?


Themes and topics?

How we perceive others, models of values, non-violent communication, concentration, perspectives in communication and awareness of it, empathy (uses, perceiving emotions, in leading), neurobiology, brain, difficult conversations, preparing for conversation, convincing others, emotional intelligence, lizard and Spock (rational and emotional, ego and id, LPU and EPU), coaching, mentoring, improv, neuroscience, meditation.


First day: theoretical knowledge to base further training on.
Second day: non-violent communication, empathy, emotional intelligence.
Third day: difficult conversations, teamwork: coaching and mentoring, dealing with change and frustration and expectations, closing summary.

As the training went, we got more practical exercises.


Bottega rented a room and got us lunches and some snacks and tea/coffee during the training.

We also got materials for the trainings (including a notebook and pens) and could fill out a survey about it afterwards.

Paweł had 8 different presentations for the trainings, plus hand-outs and sticky-notes for some practical excercises and some instruction sheets for conversational pieces. All in all, there was perhaps too much materials, since a few times I had to juggle three or four things simultaneously.


I liked the training and I genuinely found quite an interest in a number of topics. Writing this post I went back to my notes and all the materials and found out I still remember many things I had learned.


Practical examples and techniques, conversations, raising empathy, emotional styles, ways of talking and also some vocabulary.




Paweł Badeński – https://twitter.com/pbadenski | http://pl.linkedin.com/in/pawelbadenski
Missing Link of Agile – http://the-missing-link-of-agile.com/
Bottega trainings – http://www.bottega.com.pl/
Software Craftsmanship Kraków – http://sckrk.com


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