All ways lead to Rome

The other day I learned about pretotyping and decided that all ways lead to Rome.

So, what is Rome?

It’s actually having a good product. Building the right thing. What’s wanted, required, beneficial to users.

Everything goes to “Rome”.

  1. Agile wants to involve users to make sure it’s what they want.
  2. Formal contracts are to specify it till the point all doubts are cleared away.
  3. Pretotyping is about “building the right IT before building IT right“.
  4. Requirements engineering is about making sure what’s required is there.
  5. Acceptance tests (and tests in general) are to make sure you build it as you were supposed to.
  6. DDD is about ubiquitous language, so that you and client talk about same things with same words, understand each other and thus build what’s needed and what client wanted.
  7. Prototyping is as pretotyping, just with more features and more likely to be a viable product.
  8. And speaking of viable products… MVP of course, of lean “franchise”.

I wonder now…

All those ways to reach the same goal and yet so often we get lost somewhere along them.


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