A book of the year… third time in a row

For three years now, there is this book that I keep marvelling at. It’s “Javascript: the good parts” by one Douglas Crockford.

It’s a VERY short, VERY concise book that details Javascript for beginners as well as seasoned JS programmers. Easy to read, grasp and remember.

It’s not the only IT book I’ve read within those years, but it’s the one that I was most pleasantly surprised by. Someone wrote a book on programming language that doesn’t have 7 hundred pages! It needs NOT detail everything, nor it bothers me with convoluted examples, non-funny jokes etc. The only tech-book so far that really tried to describe the core, the necessary, and leave out all the rest for later, for myself to find out when I’ll need it.

Really pleasant change!

Other books worth mentioning I perused this year are Cay Horstmann’s book on Scala, better than “Atomic Scala” by Bruce Eckel, immortal classics (that I finally could read entire, not fragmentarily) by Brooks (“Mythical man-month”) and Feathers (“Working effectively…”) or quite good books like “Software Engineering” by Bereza-Jarociński and Szomański and “Clean code(r)” by Uncle Bob Martin.

However with all good qualities these books had I still most vividly recall the refreshing impression “Javascript: the good parts” left on me, due to it’s conciseness.


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