Crazy June


The above summs it quite nicely.

So, what happened in June, besides hiper-activity among Cracow Software Crafstmen?


At Lambda Lounge we had a great meeting about Monads. 🙂

I spoke at Wrocław at GigaCon DevCon on 20th June. I spoke a week later at Polish JUG with another presentation, which I later expanded to one hour, since I was to give it during Confitura 2013th, 6th July.

My very good friend got married. Congrats and prayers for you Konrad and Kasia! Ceremony was very nice and the party was as well.

Two of great craftsmen left – one for London, other one headed back to Austin. I’m gonna miss them both, but fortunately we can Skype them in during the meet-ups!

I had three long RPG plays, few hours each. Both as a player and master.

I’ve visited my sister in Warsaw. We went to theatre, where they played interactive play. Gotta say, it was terrific. The audience directed the play with their questions and suspicions. The actors were amazing and witty – I had lots of fun.

This reminded me of how memory plays tricks on us, and thus how the eye-witness system is unreliable when it comes to testimony and passing the verdicts on it. The play relied on the audience remembering WHAT exactly happened during first act and HOW it happened.

I spent couple hours imagining, what we have missed. 🙂 Great fun. Play is entitled “Szalone Nożyczki” in Polish, which sadly looses the great fun in wordplay, as English title is “Shear Madness”. 🙂 No links to play is to NOT spoil you. I definitely will go once more here in Kraków.

Nevertheless early June I realized how crazy the month will be, mainly due to SCKRK which took each and every Wednesday out. Right off the bat. 🙂

And I LOVED these meetings. We had great fun.

This caused me to reminisce about SCKRK meetings in general. And what they gave me. And what I learned. And whom I met.

Thus, I’d like to dedicate this to Adam Pohorecki, who started NoSQL Summer in 2010, which was so cool that we wanted to continue it when summer ended. Because without it, Software Craftsmanship Kraków wouldn’t have been born.

Thank you Adam.


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