I started this blog as a year-long experiment – see here.

Now it’s half-time – time to sum it up.


I wanted to try blogging – achieved, though not enough to say if it’s worth it or not. I wanted a place to post my findings. That’s done and it works. It works well enough, that I put this blog under source control in case I lose it.

I also wanted to popularize few folks I believe deserve to be popularized. Optional target and heck, I don’t know if I’ll suceed here. 🙂 This requires my blog becomes popular, now doesn’t it? 🙂

Final target was to learn about WordPress and it’s workings: themes, widgets, APIs. Perhaps even to tweak the site myself. Now… the latter won’t happen unless I migrate and I won’t migrate this year. First I wanna know if I will keep blogging.

But if I will… then I will migrate. Just staying on WP.com has advantages to start easy, but heck, I’ve hit the ceiling quite soon.

  1. Posting code.
  2. Book I’ve read – only if I log to GoodRead? Why should I?
  3. Plugins / widgets limitations.
  4. Impossibility to tweak things as I want.

Not to mention the ads. :/

I learned few nice things anyway.

So far

It’s been worth it. Thanks to those who contributed to me blogging, those who read my posts and those who liked them. 🙂 And – obviously – to WordPress crew!


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