Technical Setup For OpenJDK 8 Test Fest

Newest GeeCON event comes our way fast: Test Fest. See event page for details, or if you just want a quick glimpse what’s that read newsflash – my previous very concise post about it.

I wanted to outline technical setup that’s needed for one to participate effectively and NOT waste their time during the event itself.


DO bring your laptop and it’s power supply with you, obviously. That’s like, most important.

Download your platform compilers AHEAD of the event. Otherwise a whole load of people will eat up the internet during Test Fest by virtue of simultaneous downloading.

  • Ubuntu/Debian: ‘sudo apt-get install build-essential
  • Mac: Download X-Code from the Mac Store.
  • Windows: download links can be found at:
  • We shall follow Richard’s fine idea and try to bring some USB sticks along with latest JDK builds and already downloaded source code, but we can’t do this for things like X-Code and Visual Studio because Apple requires the Mac Store to install and Microsoft only gives you a web-based installer to download.


    Nicely outlined in this blog post, but please do note the comment by Peter Lawrey, about using `configure` instead of `make sanity`.

    Also, to call both `` and `configure` you will have to make them executable by chmod 744 fileName.

    Running first one lasts a few minutes. Running second may cause errors due to missing libraries. Just following script’s advice is quite enough. It usually says what is missing and how to apt-get it. At least for me it did. 😉

    Generally – set aside half an hour – it takes some time to finish.

    Speedup = ccache

    You may want to add ccache in version greater than 3.1.4. Ubuntu 10.4 didn’t have it in repositories, but I presume newer systems do. Lesser version won’t matter as build won’t use it.


    Prepare your environment heeding the following:

  • you never will change API you will test
  • you cannot introduce any dependencies (Fest, Mockito, Calliper, etc. forget it)
  • you should write simple and concise tests
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