Loosing letters?

Learned another few things this last weekend! All about fonts.

It started with a curious thing. Apparently, there can be a problem with some of Microsoft’s so-called C-fonts: Cambria, Calibri, etc. loosing some letters (or bolding them). Problem affects ff, ti, fi, tt, and other ligatures.

Jeff Atwood's site is a prime example as he uses Calibri as main font
missing ligatures

While Jeff’s site is a great testing ground, Calibri fonts can be seen in emails as well. Easy way to test if this is your problem: Firebug, choose misbehaving word, change it’s font to… say, Arial, and if it now displays well, that’s it.

This made me learn a great deal about fonts in general and especially on Ubuntu. 😉 I’ve documented my attempts at fixing this on this question in AskUbuntu SE site.

on better font
Same, but on DejaVu Sans

Przy okazji! Polacy – oto dobre rekomendacje na czcionki z ogonkami!


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