Questions for prospective employers


  • Salary range?
  • Which day of the month do salaries get transferred?


  1. Office hours are?
    1. Overtime – how much, how often, how it’s paid?
    2. Do you practice flexible hours?
  2. Dress code? Business-casual, suits and ties,  nobody cares? T-shirts/shorts/sandals?
  3. Is there a shower in the office?


I do that by car or by bicycle.

  1. Will I get parking spots?
  2. Work from home is allowed? If commuting will be very lengthy I’ll be interested in working in the office only for a few days, instead of full week.


  1. What hardware will I get to work on it? Can I ask for something more and get it?
  2. Do you enforce MS Windows or some IDE or some other OS/ technology / tool to be used while working?
  3. What kind of production and development environment you guys have?
    1. Java version?
    2. Frameworks, servers, libraries?
    3. Other dominant technologies (Clojure, JS, CFML, SQL standard and DB)?


  • How long does a build last?
  • How good test coverage is in my (in spe) project?
  • Do you use a CI sever? Sonar?
  • Code reviews? Pair-programming? Allowed, enforced, frowned upon?
  • Version control system?


  1. What are training prospects?
    1. Do you have a wiki? A library? Conduct internal trainings? Send people to trainings? Have a conference budget?
  2. Will I be able to influence project-related decisions? How?
  3. How empowered is my team?
    1. If we are asked to do something we find utterly silly, are we expected to say no or are we expected to deliver as true professionals?
    2. Who gives us orders?
    3. Who are our clients?

Thank you.

PS. As promised, I expanded upon original idea, for which I thank Andrzej.


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